Pacific Signaling is committed to increasing the safety and communication capabilities of facilities -exceeding regulatory and monitoring requirements.


Our Mission

Since our founding in 1981 our focus has been to increase the quality of communication systems beginning with fire and life safety. We also now service other low voltage needs such as nurse call and communication devices. 

Our goal is to continue progressing the quality of life safety and facility safety services available to the marketplace. This means increasing the quality of existing devices, installing at the highest quality for new installations, and pursuing optimal hardware and software solutions. 

It is incredible what Pacific Signaling has been able to do for my facilities.
Any services they offer I instantly integrate into my buildings, I can’t recommend them highly enough.
— Parker Ehret, Ehret LLP owner

What We've Achieved

We are proud of what our team has been able to accomplish and continues to accomplish

  • Partnership with innovative company Mircom Group
  • Increase safety and communications at multiple Veterans Affaris facilities
  • Service top hospital clients such as John Muir Medical Center
  • Develop and provide state of the art utilities monitoring for facilities 
  • Develop process for quarterly, semi annual and annual testing services
  • Increase facility security
  • Be recognized by out clients for services